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Monet Points

Monet is the new home of web3 points. Own your points and see them in your own wallet after converting them on-chain via Monet, Maximize your profit by trading points pre-airdrop, Buy points of a project you believe in, and Enjoy airdrops and benefits for your on-chain, as well as off-chain points.
All in one place - Monet.

Full Ownership of Points

Transfer, Trade, or even gift your points as soon as you convert them on-chain. Your points. Your rules.

Transparency & Security

Your points live in your wallet, and on the blockchain. No need to worry about your points being un-recognized in some company’s database.


Trade points in a fair over-the-counter marketplace, pre-airdrop.


Receive your share in an airdrop once a company announces one. Get tokens in exchange of both your on-chain points and unconverted off-chain points.

Companies: Don’t Miss Out

Be a part of the web3 points revolution. Join Monet and enjoy the hype and traffic your project will get, along with plenty other benefits!